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Mika Tiki” Tikkala

I’m the David who builds you a Goliath! I love building teams and businesses. For me businesses are stories. 

Another one of my passions is communication. As growing up I learnt how big of an impact bad communication can have to oneself and people around you so I made a promise to myself that it will always be one my core values in life.

One of my biggest non-tangible goals is to change the negative attitude towards sales profession to a more positive one by coaching business leaders to create better job cultures.

By the end of year 2023 me and my team have generated over 50 million euros worth of revenue to our clients. And we are thriving to exceed 100 million euros worth of revenue to our clients by 2026. 

Welcome to my journey. If you have similar growth mindset, continue reading…

Commucation is key

Yoda as a character represents wisdom of communication and the relationship between me and my clients. Yoda’s thoughts can be applied to leadership as well. 

“You must unlearn what you have learned”.

My personal promise to my clients is to be the best in communication since that is the corner stone of every successul partnership. The straightforward and outspoken attitude of the people from Southern Ostrobothnia area in Finland, where I’m coming from, shines through in my work, both in my professional and personal life. 

The importance of communication for me stems from my youth when, as a little boy, I witnessed how not to do it, or somehow understood that there must be a better way to communicate than shouting and verbal violence.

When I have created over 10 000 jobs, I have reached on of dreams. Right now the number if around 1000.

In my mind, I feel that “the shoemaker’s child must have shoes, and the best ones.”

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Lets get deeper

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15 years of building businesses

Two million dollar companies

Coached over 100 people

Recruited up to 1000 sales people

Team of 8 at your service

ICF accredited business coach

Fun facts

I used to swim professionally

I used to be afraid of the dark as a kid

I have lived in 4 countries

I was born in the countryside

I wear wool socks in the office