Executive Career Strategy

Are you thinking about your next career move? Do you want to map out where your background and skills are suitable, and what new career paths may open up for you?

Do you need guidance and support in shaping your career path? Our team of experts in modern leadership and career development are here to help and support you every step of the way.


Product Description

Our promise:

You will identify new career opportunities and develop as a leader.

For whom:

For executives or those interested in leadership and board positions.

Our coaching services consist of 2 meetings, assessments, all tailored to your individual needs.

Together, we will evaluate your potential based on your background, motivation, and capabilities, and explore the market for such positions. We will make all the necessary improvements to your search strategy and tools.

We always assess your individual situation before coaching and tailor the content of the meetings to your needs.

During coaching:

  • You will elaborate on your work experience, capabilities and working style.
  • You will define your career goals, next opportunities and strategy to execute them.
  • You identify critical skills and necessary areas for development.
  • You receive tools to manage your career in the long-term.

After coaching:

  • You will get advice, tips, and tools to make your dream job a reality
  • You will pinpoint potential job opportunities and organizations that align with your career goals.
  • Additionally, you will craft a well-thought-out networking strategy and establish a plan to utilize your network to reach out to executive search firms.
  • Craft a powerful narrative showcasing your unique strengths and competencies, and document them effectively to further your career growth
  • Develop a comprehensive plan that streamlines your job search process, while equipping you to ace interviews and navigate all the crucial steps involved.
  • With our marketing plan, you’ll be well-prepared to seize your dream job and achieve your professional goals.

If you wish, the service includes various methods for identifying your working style, personality, career motivations, and analyzing your leadership style. The methods enable you to discover and articulate your strengths and highlight your natural suitability for different leadership roles. They help to clarify your ideal work and build your own career story at different stages of your career. The tasks related to the methods are done in advance at home and take a total of about two hours to complete.

Satisfaction guarantee: If you feel that you and your coach do not connect well or are not satisfied with the coaching for any other reason, you can quit after the first session and get your money back.