How to succeed in recruitment marketing?

In South Ostrobothnia, we say that we always strive for the best, but the goal is to achieve excellence. And in my opinion, we succeeded this time. In another hometown, they say that hard work conquers all. Regardless of what happens, the story has a happy ending.

As someone who has been closely following the recruitment industry for the past five years, I have noticed that the role of marketing has been taking up a bigger and bigger slice of the pie. In a job market that favors skilled workers, building a more comprehensive employer brand and recruitment marketing strategy annually, rather than just point-by-point recruitment, is becoming critical.

The deeper one dives into this industry, the more storytelling one finds. The fundamental goal of a company is to make a profit and grow, but there is a catch. When browsing through the websites of companies, I have noticed that only a fraction of them provide any information on sales positions on their careers pages. One can try to come up with reasonable explanations, but speculating about them would be too gloomy. They offer open applications, production announcements, and other “scoodifudi” positions, all of which are more or less excellent, but why not also mention sales positions separately? As a business card for the modern era, a company’s website should make it clear to potential browsers that, hey, did you know that we offer such sales jobs? From the perspective of employer branding and recruitment marketing, it would undoubtedly be a good thing.

There have been many similar marketing and employer branding ideas left behind. And even though recruitment marketing is one of our core business activities, I thought I’d share a piece of the pie unscrupulously with others. Sharing is caring, right?

One of my passions is communication and writing. These passions helped speed up the writing process for the guide, and after a long break, it was great to put my thoughts together on an exciting and pressing topic. During my clients’ recruitment processes, I write several job advertisements and social media posts, but I have not yet shared my rich experience on this level.

The whole project actually started between Christmas and New Year’s Day when I was inspired to make the guide for the first time. In January, the guide quickly took shape, and bang, here we are. There were not many days off, and after a slightly hectic start to the year, writing the guide was just like putting on a sweater on a chilly day. Even though my body and my mother would have appreciated a more reasonable pace, preparing for the Finlandia ski race ensured that I had several workouts a week, and my Rossignols skated across Oittaa’s icy tracks in plus temperatures several times. The V-curve was, of course, always present, well, isn’t it? Skiing is a fun activity in any weather 🙂

As the goal of the guide writing project was to organize the experiences, stories, and best practices that were swirling around in my own memory, I hoped that the end result would inspire thoughts among fellow experts, entrepreneurs, and sales leaders. Even better if we could discuss them further together. We should try that too! Hey, why haven’t we tried that? Our recruitment process is actually way too long and cumbersome! …and so on.

It would be especially rewarding if someone were to reach out on LinkedIn and ask to meet and discuss what kind of practical value I could bring to their team when they want to revamp their employer brand, recruit or headhunt salespeople. Or how to develop recruitment, recruitment marketing, or communication strategies that better appeal to individuals who fit the company culture.


From the same page, it’s worth booking a free consultation with me to delve deeper into the company’s situation and create practical steps for recruitment and/or employer branding.

Tiki Tikkala, Yoda of headhunting, business coach, CEO, recruiter