Headhunting sales people

We specialize in building teams for growth-minded companies. Our recruitment consultants headhunt high-caliber professionals from sales reps and SDR’s to executives across industries.

Our team of experienced recruiters use a targeted approach to source and screen candidates, ensuring that only the best and most qualified individuals make it through to the interview stage.

With our extensive industry knowledge and broad network of contacts, we can help you find the ideal candidate for even the most challenging positions. Trust us to handle the search process from start to finish, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Contact us today to learn more about how our headhunting services can help you build a team of top performers.

What we do?

  1. Executive recruitment and headhunting
  2. Management and team lead recruitment and headhunting
  3. Team member recruitment and headhunting
  4. Personality analysis
  5. Marketing campaigns

Headhunting process

1. Initial Meeting:

We will start the recruitment process with a joint meeting to outline the job requirements and define the profile of the required professional. We also want to understand the situation of your company and business unit, as well as have a better understanding of the team and other key stakeholders with whom the candidate will be working in order to find the best-suited candidates for the role. This is also a phase when the first invoice is sent.

2. Research, outreach, and first-round interviews:

After the initial meeting, our recruitment consultants will start looking for suitable candidates from our extensive network. We can also, if agreed, publish the job advertisement on our own and public channels to gain more visibility for the open position. We will then create a list (the so-called longlist) of potential candidates for our own use, contact them, and evaluate them in three categories.

3. Interviews:

After the first round of interviews, we will summarize the candidates and recommend the most suitable ones for follow-up interviews. For these second-round interviews, we usually present 2-6 candidates.

4. Final interviews:

After the initial evaluations our team will create a short-list of the best potential candidates and hold interviews. This so-called shortlist is approved by the client before arranging actual interviews. The interviews can be held online or in person. After the shortlist is approved the second invoice is sent.

5. Selection:

If desired, our recruitment consultants will also participate in the final selection process, and if necessary, we can offer suitability assessments to support the decision-making process. We often also contact the references of the candidates who are in the final stages.

After the selection process is complete and employment contract has been signed with the desired candidate the final invoice will be sent.

Book a time that is best for you, my calendar is below. We can first have a short discussion about the team and candidates profile on top of the process and what steps we could take so that you reach your desired goal building your dream team.